Vera Acsai Varga

Literature is inseparable from a considerable part of the art of Veronika Acsai Varga, she does a kind of interpretative art. She illustrates adult- and children’s books. „For me painting is poetry too. Colours are words, forms are lines and the resulting picture is a metaphor, which radiates meaning.” „ It is important for me that my forms are organic, one stems from the other, one colour answers the other, and finally become a whole. My paintings are signs: litmus papers dipped in reality (litmus/turnsole itself is a vegetable paint, made from lichen), which point out that etheric ideas are already present in the substance. As a matter of fact everything is translucid and the final white canvas or paper of the transcendent shows through; and the frame or the edge of the paper indicate their own finality.” Living her femininity, accomplishing and proudly accepting her female self is also part of her art. „The world seems tough only at the first sight, actually it is made of fine, small and fragile things (this is why sculptures can only be authentic if they imitate this fineness with their hard materials), thus it can only be expressed by sensitive means, – this is why I am not afraid of fineness.”