Katinka Bárdosi

“In my previous paintings I was searching for the mysteries of man-woman relationships, examining from the strange, sometimes deformed, but always renewing and continuously changing viewpoint of our actual world. My pictures are about the power of emotions, though the attitude is realistic. For me it is important that a picture should not only depict, but also mediate something. These are small messages, sometimes for a concrete person, sometimes for everyone. I found my new topic in the commercial attitude, the uproarious world of advertisements, the political and cultural events, and these posed me the question what kind of relationship the individual had with the effects of the surrounding world. Searching for an answer I present the paraphrase of pop-art actualised to our era. It became important for me that a picture could have an effect even if it’s condensed to one moment. I reduce this pictorial world to a point where it is still wholly valuable even in its simplicity. In my newest pictures I examine the myth of being linked by Fate. ‘The red thread of Fate connects those who are meant to meet, independent of time and space and any other circumstances. This invisible thread can stretch, can get tangled, but it can never break’ (ancient Chinese myth).” (Katinka Bárdosi)