Petra Böröcz

p4As a fine artist I deal with the varied abstract presentation of the landscape, the set of lines derived from the spectacle, the visual rhythm that also incorporates musicality. I examine and “take notes” of the landscape and its elements with a pantheistic attitude. With the help of these derived lines and phenomena I try to deal with some of the essential relations of human existence – and my existence – such as the indescribability of time.
This is the reason why, after my diploma series entitled “The reflections of time” I turned to the existence poetry of Imre Payer, the Attila József-prized poet, hoping that the rethinking and restructuring of metaphysical landscapes can be a kind of echo to his lines.
From a technical point of view I am attracted by the sharp duality of black and white graphics, the thousand possibilities the shades of black and grey can offer, into which even if a drop of colour enters, it might only have the role of some special guest, still staying within the boundaries of this dialogue. I love the play of layers, their dialogues, the microworld coming to existence by the opacity of the graphical imprints layered on each other that give way to the emerging “ideas”, which I recently compose into box works.
(Petra Böröcz)