Józsa Anna Frank

jozsa_marcius_efekt_k„This female beauty was a great love. And it got lost. Józsa Frank as a painter doesn’t want to get back to this mythical world. She wants more: as an artist she wants to monopolize the old beauty. She wants to show the possible beauty and paints a simple girl’s linear figure for us and for the Spanish grandes. She wants to share some over-the-nature delicacy: let it only be an outline of a possible movement.( …) We can see nice old symbols, like the ray of light and the lily, but the outer world, the actual world breaks in all the time nonetheless.” ( Excerpt from the opening speech of Csaba Filp for the exhibition entitled „Százszor-tört varázs” /”Hundredfold broken magic”/, 28.01. 2014., Varga-Villa)
The paintings are the remnants of emotions and moments that were lived with femininity. Everything that remains from the emotion goes on the canvas and everything that appears on the canvas evokes an emotion. Art works somehow like this. As for me. (Anna Józsa Frank)