Csaba Fürjesi

„In my pictures the seemingly everyday and general things, topics and milieus become outstandingly powerful. The “other” type of time, – the realm of Chairos comes to be reachable. The special atmosphere of the net-structured layering symbolically refers to the layering of the spheres, the complexity of life and the settling down. The breathing, translucent, sometimes vibrant surface abstraction does not show and give concrete physical qualities – it is rather a pictorial element, a surface that needs continuous classification, discovery and understanding. In my works I am searching for and visually questioning the duality of existence: life in this world and the qualities “running” in parallel. These questions and suppositions are sometimes narrative pictorial events: they are not finished messages, but the search for a solution – the end of the “story” can be in the viewer.” (Csaba Fürjesi)