Sara Berti

Sara Berti is an Italian fine artist, who works in the fields of sculpture, painting and graphics as well. With her topics, artistic means and methods she poses essential questions, queries the existence. She deals with the human body in its naked, original state, focusing on the centre of the body, but without any eroticism. In Sara’s art nudity is a natural clothing and the highlighting of the bodies’ focus points represent the creative power, the fertile creativity, the process of creation. Her figures are faceless torsos, emphasising their general validity. While this latter act results in the effacement of individuality, as a graphic artist and a sculptor she refuses multiplication and always makes individual, unique artworks. Besides dealing with serious questions she leans on sentiments as well, since with the powerful lines appearing in her pictures and sculptures she emphasises the direction of movement and intensifies the expressive power of feelings at the same time. She uses the base colours of blue, yellow and red, which contain all other colours, and with this gesture she again stresses and refers to the basic questions of existence. The respect for the past is a decisive element in Sara Berti’s art. Drawing from and building on the tradition of art history she reinterprets the heritage by her own, contemporary viewpoint.