Pictures made for children’s eyes, not only for children

Exhibition of Gabriella Makhult

18 March-4 April 2014
Budapest, XII., Törpe utca 8.

The Pepper Art Projects has presented the works of young contemporary artists for four years now. This time the focus of our exhibition is graphic works made for children that can be exciting not only for the youngest.
The artist Makhult Gabriella pairs her professional skills with a childish spontaneity in the process of creation. Looking at the stags, foxes, bears, dragons and other fairy tale creatures she depicts in her magical dreamland both the youngest and the older can find entertainment.
The atmosphere of the pictures can be illustrated by the following excerpt of the artist’s autobiography: „As for my diploma, I am a graphic artist, but I have dealt with puppet show, book printing, drawing-painting, with children and fairy tales, have taken part in world attractions and mummers farces. In 2004 with a grant I travelled to the shore of the Sea Far-Far-Away, from where I wandered across Western Europe, meeting great old masters, lands never seen before, towns, princes, barons and gypsy lads. Now I live on the edge of the Great Thick Forest, where goats skip from Wartburg to Opel, and even further than that. I take care of a small family and three cats, sometimes draw fairy tale books, create pictures and decorations. “

The exhibition is opened by Gabi Both writer and Róbert Kerényi folk musician
on 18 March 2014, at 6 p.m.

Venue: 8 Törpe street, Budapest, XII.,
The exhibition is on view until 4 April 2014, on weekdays, between 2-6 p.m.
The Pepper Art Projects provides museum pedagogical workshops on prior notice during the time period of the exhibition.