TAKT group

2013.september 25- november 9.
Budapest, XII., Törpe utca 8.

An exhibition of 5 young painters from Vajdaság, organised by Pepper Art Projects
The participants were students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and the University of Art in Pécs.
Figurative painters from Vajdaság present their works at the exhibition, reflecting to their situation defined by the era and their circumstances. Their topics include the problems of agricultural existence, the great city, the alternation of personality and the destruction caused by the Yugoslavian war, which they depict in a style of new wave figurative painting. A strong painterly attitude, a respect for traditions and a strife for renewal characterise the artists. The expression of life over the borders and the mutual effects the two cultures (Serbian and Hungarian) have on each other create an interesting harmony in their works.
Their introduction in the Törpe street gallery reflects the aim of Pepper Art Projects to help young transborder Hungarian artists get more publicity in Hungarian cultural life.