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hanka_noraNóra Hanka

Project Leader
art historian

Nóra Hanka acquired her History of art BA and MA diploma at Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest then she became a student of the Leiden University in the Netherlands. She worked for commercial and governmental galleries. Since 2013 she has been working for Pepper Arts Projects, taking part in the organisation of exhibitions, presentations and museum pedagogical programmes.

Members of the Pepper Art Foundation Board of Trustees

Zoltán Szabó

Engineer-economist, collector

He was a project leader and was dealing with informatics in many places like research and financial institutes and factories. He is interested in printmaking and photography since his academic years. He has a close relationship with contemporary artists and gallerists and he is a dedicated supporter of young talented artists.

István Sinkó

Artist, teacher and art writer

He taught 34 years in elementary school, but for the last 8 years he has been working in the Secondary School of Visual Arts as the leader of the painting department. He is a lecturer at the ELTE PPK, and teaches theory of contemporary art and museum pedagogy for the students of the museum pedagogy department. He works as an artist since1978 and he had 387 solo shows in Hungary and abroad (for eg. USA, Canada, Belgium) and he exhibited in many group exhibitions. His artworks can be found in Hungarian and international private and public collections. He writes articles for ÚjMűvészet, Műértő, ÉS, Balkon, Credo and other journals. He received the Small cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in 1997.


Berczellyné Szilágyi Réka_11-11-09Réka Szilágyi Berczellyné

art historian

Virág Ágnes, kurátor_11-11-09Ágnes Virág

art historian

Váraljai Anna, kurátor_12-10-10Anna Váraljai

art historian

Révész Emese, kurátor_13-04-10Emese Révész

art historian, HAOFA teacher

Sinkó István, kurátor_11-04-21István Sinkó

visual artist, art writer, pedagogue

Filp CsabaCsaba Filp

visual artist, HAOFA teaching assistant