Leopold Bloom Art Award

International recognition for Hungarian artists

The winner of the third Leopold Bloom Art Award was announced on the 4th of September at the Új Budapest Galéria.

This year, the pre-jury selected – from a record number of 130 applicants – the top 15 artists. Then after having examined the digital portfolios, the jury narrowed down the list to 6 artists. Finally, after a studio visit they chose the winner who won the €10.000 prize. During the evaluation process, the jury took into account the international topicality of the works, based on the portfolios and the exhibition concept.

The winner of the Leopold Bloom Art Award 2015:
Katarina Ševic

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axCPULkr0JE

The ceremony was opened by Ms Wendy Dorman-Smith on behalf of the Embassy of Ireland, who emphasized the remarkable activity of the award’s founders, Mary Mc Loughlin and John Ward.
Following her speech, John Ward spoke about the symbolic meaning of the Leopold Bloom Award, that of multiculturalism, heroism and acceptance. As he said, he believes that contemporary art has always been reflecting on current social issues in a subtle way and that is exactly what we could have seen on the occasion of the award as well.
József Szurcsik, Deputy Director of the University of Fine Arts stressed the Award’s crucial importance in the Hungarian art scene, an award that draws attention to the importance of art itself.
One of the evening’s most remarkable moment was certainly Dr Declan Long‘s speech, president of the jury. He was greatful to have had the opportunity to visit the artists’ studios and to have gained a better understanding of their work and of the current artistic and social issues they are concerned about. Dr Long also said that it was not easy to make a decision as all six finalists are great artists who set the bar very high. After announcing the winner, Mary Mc Loughlin handed over the prize to Katarina Šević.

Šević thanked for the support for all those who have been standing on her side in the previous years, with a special mention to the artists Tehnica Schweiz. She also said that she was especially pleased having won this prize as a migrant. With the help of the organisers of the Award, Šević will find the most suitable institution abroad where her solo show will be organised. The 10.000 euro she won can be used without any restrictions to help building her international carrer.

The finalists of the Leopold Bloom Art Award 2015:

Ádám Albert visual artist, winner of the Hungarian Essl Art Award in 2007, received the Derkovits Gyula scholarship in 2009-2012, lecturer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. For his exhibiton concept, he imagined an independent space within the Új Budapest Galéria, with a „space in a space” solution. This installation is in the continuity of his space-themed works.

NemereKerezsi visual artist, winner of the Junior Prima in 2008, lecturer at the Eszterházy Károly College – Department of Visual Arts. We can view pieces from his Caprices de Berlin serie and also works inspired by bees and beehives.

ÁdámKokesch visual artist, winner of the Strabag Art Award in 2006, member of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association since 1998. At the Új Budapest Galéria, his colourful plexi works adapt to the ability of the space and are shown in a comletely new arrangement.

Gábor ArionKudász photographer, scholar of the Capa Grand Prize in 2015, lecturer at MOME since 2003. At the exhibition, the processing material of the legacy of his mother (Emese Kudász, painter) can be viewed. This Memorabilia serie is accompanied by his new photographies from the Human Scale serie.

Péter  Puklus visual artist, shortlisted for the Paul Huf Award and finalist of the Unseen Dummy Award, both in 2014. Beside his The Epic Love Story of a Warrior photographie serie – based on the fictive story of a 20th century, Central European family -, his own objects are also exhibited.

Katarina Šević visual artist, resident artist of the Fabrikken for Kunst og Design in Copenhagen in 2012, and of the Gasworks, London in 2009. Her Alfred Palestrake project can be seen at the exhibition, inspired by various, French avantgarde trends of the end of the 19th century, and also by the character of Alfred Jarry and Alfred Dreyfus.

Beside the works of this years’ finalists, the works of the two previous winners are also exhibited. The first winner of the Leopold Bloom Art Award, RóbertBatykó exhibits works made in the Netherlands between 2012 and 2014, after having won the prize. In 2013 the second awarded artist was Csaba Nemes, at the show his street themed works can be viewed.

The winner, Katarina Ševic will chose the most suitable exhibition space/institution with the help of the organizer team to realize her solo show. The €10.000 can be used freely by the winner to cover the organisational costs of the international exhibition and to ensure her international presence.

The exhibition of the finalists’ and the previous winners’ works will run until the 15 November at the Új Budapest Galéria (Bálna).


The exhibition Leopold Bloom Art Award 2015 will be on view between 5 September and 15 November.

Exhibiting artists:

Finalist artists: Ádám ALBERT, Nemere KEREZSI, Ádám KOKESCH, Gábor Arion KUDÁSZ, Péter PUKLUS, ŠEVIĆ Katarina
Previous recipients of the award: Róbert BATYKÓ, Csaba NEMES

Learn more: http://budapestgaleria.hu/uj/?lang=en



As a collaborative initiative of the Leopold Bloom Foundation and the Pepper Art Projects, one of the most prestigious contemporary art awards is being presented for the third time in Hungary.

The exhibition of works by the finalists and the presentation of the award itself will be hosted by the New Budapest Gallery.

The goal of the Leopold Bloom Art Award is to strengthen the international presence of contemporary art from Hungary. The award, which amounts to 10,000 Euros, is available to the winner to cover expenses such as renting a studio abroad, organizing an exhibition abroad, or defraying any other costs related to an exhibition abroad.

A record number of applications were submitted (nearly 120), from which a three-person international pre-jury (Catalina Lozano, Maija Rudovska, Barbara Sirieix) selected 15 artists for the semi-final.

Following the pre-jury, members of the main jury – Dr. Declan Long, Susanne Altmann and Mark Rappolt – selected six artists who, together with the two previous recipients of the Leopold Bloom Art Award, will participate in the exhibition organized at the New Budapest Gallery.


Ádám Albert


Katarina Šević


Nemere Kerezsi


Ádám Kokesch


 Gábor Arion Kudász


Péter Puklus


1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11–12., (Bálna Budapest)

5 September – 15 November 2015

Curators of the Exhibition:


Pepper Art Projects


New Budapest Gallery

Exhibiting artists:


Finalist artists:


Semi-finalist artists:


Previous recipients of the award:


Leopold Bloom Art Award

One of Hungary’s most valuable contemporary art prize is taking place for the third time

The art award, one of the most significant recognitions of the Hungarian contemporary art scene that supports progressive Hungarian artists and their international presence will be organized by the Leopold Bloom Foundation and Pepper Art Projects.

The significance of the award
The Leopold Bloom Art Award aims to contribute to the cooperation of Hungarian artists and prominent international exhibition spaces, to the international introduction of Hungarian artists and to the integration of the contemporary Hungarian art scene into the international art life. The prize is organised every second year and offers 10.000 EUR that can be used by the winner to cover the organisational costs of an international exhibition and to ensure her/his international presence. The award is a unique opportunity for the winning artist to spend a longer period abroad, to rent a studio space and to build her/his network with the local audience and collectors.

The founders of the award, the Irish Mary Mc Loughlin and John Ward - owners of a transportation company, Maurice Ward and also exemplary collectors – are committed to support the contemporary art scene through the Leopold Bloom Foundation. The award is named after the Hungarian-born hero of one the most important works of modern literature, James Joyce’s Ulysses. Consistent with the important values of the award and the Irish founder, Leopold Bloom is the symbol of the paradigm-changing art, travelling, internationalism, and last but not least, of Irish-Hungarian relations.

An idndependent professional recognition
The importance of the award is also guaranteed by an independent jury, composed of three renowned international professionals. A novelty of this year, that the pre-judging process will also be accomplished by a young, talented trio of curators. This also gives more opportunity to foreign experts to have a better overview and knowledge of the Hungarian art scene.
The jury narrows down the number of the 15 pre-selected artists to 5-6 and then picks the winner after having visited each of the studios.

The members of this year’s jury and their main references:
Dr. Declan Long – Lecturer in the Faculty of Visual Culture at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin; Board member of The Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin
Susanne Altmann – Presently holds a lectureship in English at the Academy for Visual Art in Dresden
Mark Rappolt – Editor-in-chief of ArtReview since 2006 and also set up its sister magazine, ArtReview Asia, based in Shanghai.

Pre-jury members and their main references:
Catalina Lozano – independent curator, the winner of MARCO/Frac Lorraine Award for Young Curators in 2012, she was working in the nomination comittee of Pipa Art Prize Brazil; currently part of the artistic team of the 8th Berlin Biennale
Barbara Sirieix – Writer, curator; in charge of the programmating of the Moroccan pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale
Maija Rudovska – Curator of the Helsinki International Curatorial Programme

Easier application process
Based on the experiences of the previous award and on the winners’ opinion, the conditions of application became easier. From this year on, the applicants should only present their exhibiton concept abroad and the organizers undertake to help finding the most appropriate exhibition space for the winning artist. Another change in is that the winner will have 18 months to organize the exhibition abroad.
The call for proposal is available here: http://leopoldbloomaward.com/competition

Previous winners of the award
2011 : Róbert Batykó http://batyko2.blogspot.hu/
2013 : Csaba Nemes http://nemescsaba.com/

Press conference: Tuesday, 31th March, 10.30AM, on the first floor of the Bálna’s north side, in front of the Új Budapest Galéria (1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.)

Announcement of the name of the pre-selected artists: 16th June (Bloomsday)
Announcement of the finalists: 24th July
Award ceremony: 4th September

The exhibition of the finalists’ works will run from 5 September – 15 November
The award ceremony and the exhibition will take place at the Új Budapest Galéria (Bálna)

Nóra Hanka, art historian, project leader (Pepper Art Projects)





Organised by the Leopold Bloom Art Foundation and Pepper Art Projects, the Leopold Bloom Art Award is taking place for the third time.

The award aims to support progressive artists of the Hungarian art scene and to contribute to their international debut and career. The initiative of the Founders – just as in James Joyce’s Ulysses –symbolizes internationality, and the Irish-Hungarian relations, amongst others.

The finalists will be selected by a jury of internationally recognized art professionals, and their works will be exhibited at the Új Budapest Galéria (in the Bálna) where the winning artist’s name will be announced during the Awards Ceremony.

The amount of the prize is Eur 10000, presented directly to the artist,  which can be used to cover the costs of foreign representation  and the implementation of the exhibition concept.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on 4 September 2015, at 6 p.m.

Founder and support:  Leopold Bloom Foundation, Maurice Ward Art Handling

Concept and realization: Pepper Art Projects


The applications must include:

1. An up-to-date CV in English
2. A digital portfolio in English (including the data of the works: title, year, technique, size, and other necessary information)
3. An up-to-date statement in English, reflecting upon the artist’s presented works
4. A maximum 2-page-long exhibition project in English, presenting the concept of an exhibion abroad and the works. The exhibiton project can either be for a solo show or for the applicant’s participation in a group exhibition. In the latter case, the whole concept of the group exhibition, and the list of the other exhibiting artists have to be attached as well.
5. Reproductions of minimum 4 and maximum 8 works of the applicant (title, year, technique, size and other information), which are intended for presentation at the awards exhibition in autumn, in case the applicant’s works are chosen.

Conditions for participation:
- There is no age limit for the application, all artists can apply for free who work in Hungary or who has a significant presence on the Hungarian art scene
- Applicants shall agree to cooperate with the Organizer (Pepper Art Projects), to provide the necessary information and to respect the deadlines.
- The applicants accept the jury’s decision, and that the jury’s decision about unsuccessful applications is not explained.
- Applicants must not influence the jury during the selection process. If the artist or their representative do this in any form, the applicant will be immediately excluded from the competition.

If the jury selects the applicant for the awards exhibition, the artist agrees to:
- make the works specified in the application and selected by the jury available for the time of the exhibition without any additional remuneration. Insurance for the duration of the exhibition will be arranged by the organizers.
- the organizers can use the exhibited works without restrictions and free of charge in the communication related  to the Leopold Bloom Art Award, if it does not violate the artist’s reputation.
- The winner undertakes the exhibition presented in the application.
- The winner agrees to make a  short report in English and Hungarian about the foreign exhibition (within a month  following its closing date), and sends the photo and video materials of the show to the Organiser.
- The payment of the prize and the details of the cooperation (especially with the Új Budapest Galéria in the Bálna) will be set in a separate agreement.
- Applicants agree that they voluntarily provide the necessary information, and with the submission of their application they accept that their personal data will be handled by the Organizer during the application period.
- Applicants agree that the terms of participation are subject to change
- By submitting their application, applicants accept the terms and conditions. Violation of these terms and conditions may result in disqualification.

The decision:

The artists will be selected by the following art professionals:

Jury: Dr. Declan Long, Susanne Altmann, Mark Rappolt
Pre-Jury: Catalina Lozano, Barbara Sirieix, Maija Rudovska

The jury make their decision based on the following criteria:

  • the submitted portfolio and exhibition concept
  • the international actuality of the artist’s work

The organizers will unveil the list of the finalists on 24 July 2015 and the jury members will then visit theses artists’s studios. The Awards Ceremony will take place on September 4, 2015 in the Új Budapest Galéria (Bálna).

The international exhibition:

Following the Awards Ceremony, the winner, working in collaboration with the Founder and the Organizer,  decides on the optimal location and date of the foreign exhibition. The selected exhibition space need to be a venue that contributes to the development of the artists’s career. It also needs to be a place that has an audience, history and style linked as much as possible to the winner’s style.
After selecting the venue, the Organizer will contact the designated exhibition space and prepare the exhibition. The transport and insurance of the works will be arranged by the Maurice Ward Art Handling Ltd. The implementation of the exhibition is available for up to 18 months.


Nóra Hanka art historian, project leader (Pepper Art Projects)
E-mail: info@leopoldbloomaward.com

The submission of applications:

Deadline: 30 April, 2015 at midnight

Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

The allowed file formats is PDF, and maximum 10 MB.