Gabriella Makhult

Gabriella Makhult calls her ink drawings depicting landscape details “landscape calligraphies”: with black ink and pen, she curves her series of lines similarly to artistic calligraphies.
On some of her etchings hiatus is a central compositional element: untouched lanes mingle with the painted surfaces, there are white silhouettes of plants on the paper, and furthermore one can see the hidden dimensions of the depicted space reflected on the water surfaces.
Many of her works are for children; in her art she combines her professional knowledge with childish spontaneity.
„It’s not the picture that’s important, but the so-called meditative state in which it’s created. When the essence is unambiguous, when there is no good and bad, or nice and ugly, when nothing really matters, or it does after all. And this is still not the thing… “ (Gabriella Makhult)

The artist, when she draws, does her etchings, or paints her landscapes in the nature, lives this “meditative state “of creation, the unique engrossment which shines through her paintings.